Foremost projects  
  1. "Environment - our present and future", financed by REC Estonia, budget 5000.- EUR. 2001 - 2002.
    Outcome: new PC, prepared first webpage for Porkuni, conducted several seminars and mentor-days.
  2. “Reconstruction of Porkuni Development Centre", financed by SAPARD, measure 6 (Village development), budget 1,15 Million EEK. 2003
    Outcome: new roof, new heating system, new windows, new main doors, partially new electricity system. 
  3. “Construction of diving tower in Porkuni”, financed by KIK, budget 67 000 EEK. 2003
    Diving tower is very popular among Porkuni visitor's.
  4. “Porkuni's lake present and future – water, fishes, recreation ground” financed by KIK, 2003
    Necessary discussion after lake drain - how to go forward?
  5. “Construction of Porkuni sign-tower”, financed by Kohaliku omaalgatuse programm, budget 25 400 EEK, 2004.
    Outcome: original sign-tower of limestone.
  6. “Fish stocking with new population in lake Porkuni" financed by KIK, budget 9500 EEK, 2005.
    Outcome: Fish population of lake was enriched with pike and carp.
  7. “Sustainable management of angling tourism in NATURA 2000 and other sensitive areas” financed by INTERREG III B, budget 67 000 EUR, 2006 – 2007.
    Outcome: Necessary collaboration experience getting the know-how for managing tourism in protcted areas. More information is avaliable under S-MAN2000.
  8. "Purchase of brushcutter for cleaning the lake surroundings" financed by Tamsalu Municipality, budget 10 000 EEK, 2006
  9. "Purchase of computer and furniture for public internet of Porkuni" financed by Kohaliku omaalgatuse programm, budget 12 500 EEK, 2006
  10. "An archelogical dig of Porkuni's  Bishop Castle", financed by EAS, budget 95 000 EEK, NGO Porkuni was a partner of municipality, 2006 - 2007.