Battle of Porkuni Tagasi

Battle of Porkuni or Porkuni battle (in estonian: Porkuni lahing) was the biggest fighting held between the Estonians in red army and the Estonians in German units. It took place in September 21. 1944 between Lake Porkuni and Sauvälja village.

The red army Estonian Shooting Corps surrounded about 1500 Estonians in German uniforms, retreating from Tannenberg line in the Sinimäed area.

In the following battle above 500 surrounded men got killed, around 700 were captured. The reds had machine guns and mine-throwers supported by artillery and tanks. The Estonians in German uniforms had only small arms and panzerfausts.

The villagers buried 273 killed Estonians in German uniform. In the red army side 73 men were killed, 57 of these had Estonian names.

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