Cultural history

Previous culture of Porkuni is not well known (more research must be carried out).
In 1820 the landlord of Porkuni manor made first archeological investigations in Estonia in Castle of Porkuni chapel.
In 2006 took place a new archealogical digging, in purpose to investigate the possibilities for restoration old wall parts of castle and to demonstrate for public. Results were interesting – investigation report is in preparation phase and will be published on the website when ready.

Predecessor of Porkuni School was Aburi elementary school, which was established in 1845 by the owner of Porkuni manor – Mr. A. Baumgartner. They made school in Aburi because there were more children. First teacher was Jürgens, who knew how to read, write and in mathematics he was able to calculate 4 operations. School worked in Aburi until 1939. Establishing a new school to Porkuni brought up big arguments between Porkuni, Assamalla, Kadila and Aburi villages. All of them wanted new school to be in their own village. In the chronic is marked that in favour of establishing new school to Porkuni were R. Männiksaar (member of council) from Kännuküla, J. Tahti from Piisupi, E. Lehtmets from Vistla and deputy head of municipality Jaan Roosaar from Porkuni. They were supported by teachers of State Deaf School Mr. J Kenkman and A. Karu. When in the council of community the new school issue put in voting, the result was to establish new schools in Porkuni as well in Kadila – two identical houses. So the two buildings still stand there today.

Nowadays the buildings are used for apartments in Porkuni and as an activity house in Kadila.
The cornerstone of the new house was put in 1938 and construction was finished in 1939, costs were around 32000 kroons. First headmaster was Viktor Kuriks, students were 86.
Headmasters were also J Kübarsepp and A. Saaremäel. The school changed into preliminary school in 1964, subsidiary classes were added. In 1970 school became independent school. In 1973/1974 Porkuni School was merged with Rakvere Special Boarding School and in 1977 the school liquidated completely and buildings handed over to Deaf School.
Since 1924 until today lies in the manor complex school for children with special needs. Since 1924 until 2000 the school was for deaf children, since 2001 for mentally disabled children and multi-disabled children. Well-documented school history is available in Porkuni School webpage.

Heart of manor complex is in good condition also nowadays, in the territory there are interesting high trees. Keeping it in fine shape is thanks to the school heads. Especially Mr Viktor Kuriks, but also his successors Kaljo Pilt, Tiiu Laur, Avo Hein. Small cosy sports stadium was built in Porkuni and the initiative came from Mr. Kaljo Pilt. It is used by county athletes in every summer for training and also for local juveniles.

Century project for Porkuni is building the new schoolhouse for disabled children. State Real Estate Company’s specialist thought that renovating old buildings isn’t reasonable and therefore decided to construct new school complex which meets all the present needs. In 2006 conducted contract for detail planning. Construction works is planned to finished ion 2009.
Porkuni gardener son was one of the remarkable theatre person – Aleksander Trilljärv (1871-1944). In connection with Porkuni are also other well known persons.

Porkuni has been place of reunions and summer events for decades. At Külmaallika there have been singing stage where has been performed even ballet of Estonia - „Swan lake“. In 1960 soviet farm rebuild on the ruins of piggery a new house for cultural events. It was very popular thanks to activist Jaan Are.
After independence the house doors have been closed. NGO with owner tries to restore the activities.

Porkuni is a place for Pillar. Pillar is children folk festival which is created by Ülle Fershel, cultural specialist of Tamsalu MP. Last Pillar was organized by Sirje Luik.

Recent years Porkuni has been place for all Tamsalu municipalities’ summer events. At Kaieallika there is traditional Summer Day, also Porkuni Barrel Race, which is the most attractive event of the whole day. There have been also other events, which haven’t become traditional yet – Water-Song festival, Limestone Days etc.

In Porkuni have been also open air theatres. First time in 2003, when cultural house employees performed Legends of Porkuni, directed by Aleksander Eelmäe. In the performance lot of fire, torches and floating candles were used. Next year Ene-Riina Ruubel directed historical performance on the Hill Isle, there were over 100 local and Tamsalu actors. In 2006 directed Väino Uibo in Porkuni open air performance „Purjus peaga paradiisi“ („Drunk in paradise“), where performed well known actors and the performance was held in different locations of Estonia.

We have good conditions for sporting in Porkuni. Lot of Deaf school pupils are good athletes in their own Union as well in the county. Best results were achieved in 1979-1990. In that period instructed by teachers of Porkuni School - Tiia Holtsmanni, Tiiu - Reet Künnapase and Ain Aasa lot of deaf athletes achieved good results, well-known are Para Olympic winner Anneli Ojastu (also elected Woman of the Year of Estonia) and Ljubov Krõlova. Sport had significant impact for integrating deaf people into society. Students competed with normal kids in county competitions and made also good results in state level (Raivo Uripea, Tiiu Jaansalu, Alvar Püss). Students took part in Tartu Skiing Marathon. Graduate Merike Mändsoo was the first who graduated also university and works now in Tallinn Deaf School, where she teaches new generation of athletes. Today disabled pupils are instructed by Mrs. Evelyn Himma, whose kid’s have been shown good results as well.
Without any doubt the most popular athletes of Porkuni is Sirly Tiik, she is multi-winner in Para Olympics and also winner of other competitions. Her coach is Tamsalu School teacher Liivi Rünk.
Most popular and well-known sporting event is Barrel Race which is created in Porkuni. Traditional events are also Lake-Run, Porkuni triathlon. Many years’ motor-sleigh and rally were held in Porkuni.